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From Bret Comstock Waldow <>
Subject Help with generating client, please
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:26:10 GMT

I wrote my first SOA server client in Java a few years ago.  The SOA
idea was to present an interface (API) in the code, then the axis tool
generated a remote interface to that - just as it was at the server.

String arguments were strings at the client, ints were ints, etc.

Last week I created a server in .NET with a string input argument, and a
string response, and pointed Netbeans at the URL to write a client.
Same thing - the WSDL generated client takes string inputs and returns a
string.  That's the idea - the SOA transport mechanism is transparent to
the programmer.

I am trying to write a C client now.  I used axis2c, and the arguments
are "adb_ReturnString_t*" - what ever that is.  A quick google shows
lots of xml.


I know the '*' means a pointer, and suspect the '_t' signifies 'type',
yeah, but... what happened to the idea that SOA provides a transparent
remote mechanism, which is the idea in the first place?

Did I use the wrong arguments to the generating call?  I can understand
the parameters being 'char *', since C does not have strings, but what
are these adb things, and how do I get a simple interface instead?

Here is what I did:
./ -uri ../../../MSClient/Server.wsdl -l c -o test

Thanks for answers about this - I'd like to write this in C, as it
should be put into a low-level OS library.


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