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From Michael Sutter <>
Subject Re: string return param from service
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 15:49:30 GMT
Hello Samisa,

I have tested it with the nightly build of today (12. September). But it 
don't work. I'm not able to compile the generated code for the String 
return param.
There are undeclared variables in both files generated for in and output 
of the service method - e.g. in my case the adb_version_serialize method:

start_input_str = "<ns1:input>";
start_input_str_len = axutil_strlen(start_input_str);
end_input_str = "</ns1:input>";
end_input_str_len = axutil_strlen(end_input_str);
text_value_1 = _version->attrib_input;
axutil_stream_write(stream, env, start_input_str, start_input_str_len);
text_value_1_temp = axutil_xml_quote_string(env, text_value_1, AXIS2_TRUE);
      if (text_value_2_temp)
               axutil_stream_write(stream, env, text_value_1_temp, 
               AXIS2_FREE(env->allocator, text_value_1_temp);
                axutil_stream_write(stream, env, text_value_1, 
                axutil_stream_write(stream, env, end_input_str, 
            return parent;

The text_value_2_temp is not declared - I think it must be 

By the way I have another problem with the generated code. In the 
generated axis2_skel_Service.h file the extern C statement is not 
declared - I must do this everytime I generate a service. Could this 
also be fixed?

Thanks for your help

Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
> Generated code fixed in Axis2 Java svn head.
> You may try with a nightly build of the Java tool.
> Thanks,
> Samisa...
> Michael Sutter wrote:
>> Hello Vasile,
>> thanks for your response. I tested it and it worked. But I also think 
>> that the memory is not freed and could provide errors during long 
>> runtime.
>> So maybe it must be solved from the generated code as discussed by 
>> Samisa and Florian.
>> Regards Michael
>> Dr. Florian Steinborn wrote:
>>>> Should we fix the code to make a deep copy inside ...._set_retun 
>>>> function in generated code? I feel that we should. Thoughts please...
>>> Sounds like we should...
>>> Flori
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