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From Mark Nüßler <>
Subject adb - codegeneration - missing return in response
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 19:30:00 GMT
hi users,

seems to me that the adb-codegen has a little failure,
but maybe i am wrong.

i generate with, 04-Sep-2007 03:29

in my wsdl i have a 'Person' with 'Name' and 'Age',
i have a method 'getPerson' that returns a Person-Object
in its Response.

response of java-server :

<ns2:getPersonResponse xmlns:ns2="">
   <ns1:age xmlns:ns1="">123</ns1:age>
   <ns1:name xmlns:ns1="">aName</ns1:name>

both, my c- and java-client work fine with this response

response of c-server :

<ns3:getPersonResponse xmlns:ns1=""

seems to me that the return element iss missing !

solution :

adb_getPersonResponse.c, function adb_getPersonResponse_serialize
last few lines, replace both if statements :

"if (has_parent)"
"if (!has_parent)"

after this the response of the c-server :

<ns3:getPersonResponse xmlns:ns1=""
  <ns3:return xmlns:ns1="">

if this is not a correct solution or i missed something,
please correct me.

mfg derMark

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