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From Dinesh Premalal <>
Subject Re: Axis2/C - USERNAME and PASSWORD
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 03:59:02 GMT
Hi Stefano,

Stefano Pettini <> writes:
> Dear Micheal,
> I'll have the same problem of yours very soon, since I need HTTP basic
> authentication, but it looks like not implemented for HTTP clients. If
> I'm wrong, I strongly welcome everybody to correct me :-) and point me
> out where to specify username and password.
AFAIK, it is not implemented in Axis2/C. BTW if you have any
requirement, did you ask on mailing list or did you raise a jira for a
new feature. (If you have already done it please point us to there we
could work on that).
> In 1.0.0 sources, looking in http_sender.c, where the HTTP request is
> built, you can find an axis2_http_sender_util_add_header call for
> every item the clients wants to put in the HTTP request header.
> According to HTTP, basic authentication is implemented by a client
> using the "Authorization" header, in the following way:
> Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==
> The string "Authorization" is mapped to C constant
> AXIS2_HTTP_HEADER_AUTHORIZATION in axis2_http_transport.h, but looks
> like not used by any file, and there's no corresponding
> axis2_http_sender_util_add_header anywhere :-(
Yes, you almost there :)
> Yeah, the power of open source ... the power of reverse engineering
> :-) 
> ... the power of "looks like I'll have to implement it by myself" :-(
> Adding the header line looks like relatively easy, apart from the
> username and password encryption, but I don't know how integrate the
> thing in the Axis' framework correctly and in an elegant and
> consistent way.
At least you could try and send us a patch. We always welcome new
contributions. Don't worry about integrate in elegant and consistent
way. Because before committing your patch into the trunk one of the
developer will review. I'm sure that if you could understand up to
this point you could do the rest :).

I agree that we could add it quite easily, the thing is that without
any user requirements there is no point of doing it. (that is what I
believe). Until Michel talk about HTTP Basic Authentication , I didn't
see any thread relative to that subject (I might miss some of the
mails, please bear with me if I missed some). If there is a particular
Jira issue , there is a high possibility to fix it before a
release. *High possibility* means we have to do high priority things
first :)

Dinesh Premalal
GPG ID : A255955C
GPG Key Finger Print : C481 E5D4 C27E DC34 9257  0229 4F44 266E A255 955C

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