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From "Nandika Jayawardana" <>
Subject Re: SOAP fault builder
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 09:12:33 GMT
Hi Subra,

You can create a soap11 fault using following lines.

int soap_version = AXIOM_SOAP11;

soap_envelope = axiom_soap_envelope_create_default_soap_envelope (env,

soap_body = axiom_soap_envelope_get_body(soap_envelope, env);

soap_fault = axiom_soap_fault_create_default_fault (env, soap_body, "fault
code" , "fault reason", soap_version);

axis2_msg_ctx_set_fault_soap_envelope(msg_ctx, env, soap_envelope);

You can set the fault to the msg_ctx and it will be returned to the client.



On 8/17/07, Subra A Narayanan <> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I am trying ti build a SOAP1.1 fault and return to the ws client. I am
> having some difficulty understanding how to go about this. I have tryng to
> dig through the source code but was wondering if you guys have some sample
> code. If you have it that would be very helpful in understanding the usage.
> In the meantime I will continue to dig through the source code to try to
> understand.
> Thanks as usual!
> Subra

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