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From Michael Sutter <>
Subject Re: Is AXIS2/C what I need?
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:14:23 GMT

I'm not so familiar with c. I think I can't debug a axis2c service with
gdb. If it is possible please tell me how.

I have a very simple service, adding to numbers in it. For the add a c++
class is used, to test if I can access c++ from the service.
All I have done is generating the skeletons and stubs from the wsdl. The
Stubs are in Java. Then I renamed the Skeleton.c to Skeleton.cpp and
implemented the functionality of the service. After that I compiled the
*.c files with gcc and the *.cpp files with g++ at the end I linked all
together with g++ - e.g.
gcc -c -o axis2_add.o -I $AXIS2C_HOME/include/axis2-1.0/ axis2_add.c
g++ -c -o axis2_skel_TestService.o -I $AXIS2C_HOME/include/axis2-1.0/
g++ -shared -o -L $AXIS2C_HOME/lib/ -laxis2
axis2_add.o axis2_addResponse.o axis2_skel_TestService.o
axis2_svc_skel_TestService.o myadd.o
When I want to access the service I always get an segmentation fault.
If you have any idea how I can solve the problem please tell it me.
I use AXIS2C 1.0 and AXIS2 1.2

Kind regards

Dinesh Premalal wrote:
> Michael Sutter <> writes:
>> I tested axis2 with c++ and was not able to get it running. But I
>> communicated with some one and he told me, that it is working.
>> If anybody knows how it goes it would be very nice to tell it me.
>> What I tried is to compile a axis2c service with g++. With some tricks
>> the compiling and linkings works. But the call of the service always
>> ends in a segmentation fault.
> Could you please be more specific and send your gdb backtraces, log
> files and what ever information related to you problem. Then we could
> locate the error. BTW is it possible to compile c using g++, thought
> It for C++ (may be I need to read more ;))
> thanks,
> Dinesh

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