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From Carlos Escobar Zarzar <>
Subject Re: Axic C++. Is it using and fixing????
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 13:18:13 GMT

First of all thanks to the developers under the axis project for it has 
helped us a lot, at least the java one.

Now i've been having a hard time trying to use the Axis C++ client... 
I've followed every instruction (I think I haven't missed any ;)), but 
whenever I try to run my client (the C++ one) it complains about the XML 
parser :\ I downloaded Xerces 2.7 (which is the latest version) but it 
doesn't want to use it I guess... If it helps, here's the message and my 
deploy's config:

/***************************** Console Message Start 
Tratando de setear el objeto
Error 29: DLOPEN FAILED in loading parser library Failed to load parser 
'AxisXMLParser.dll' within server engine:
/***************************** Console Message End 

/***************************** Deploy's Config Start 
File Name: axiscpp.conf
File Location C:\AppServ\Apache2.2\axis

File Contents:

# This header file was created by AxisConfiguration on Fri Aug 10 
16:01:17 2007
# The comment character is '#'
# Available directives are as follows
#(Some of these directives may not be implemented yet)
# Path to server trace log path (only required if you want server trace)
#LogPath:<not set>

# Path to server WSDD path

# Path to client trace log path (only required if you want client trace)

# Path to client WSDD path
#ClientWSDDFilePath:<not set>

#Node name.
#NodeName: <not set>

#Listening port.
#ListenPort: <not set>

# Path to HTTP Transport library

# Path to SMTP Transport library
#Transport_smtp:<not set>

# Path to Axis XML Parser library

# Path to HTTP Channel library

# Path to HTTP SSL Channel library

# SSL Options
#SecureInfo:<not set>

/***************************** Deploy's Config End 

Any suggestions are welcome ;)

Samisa Abeysinghe escribió:
> Nadir Amra wrote:
>> Velesevich,
>> It is stable, and fixes are being incorporated, although not many 
>> developers are working on it, I am putting fixes in when I,, 
> I too agree that Axis C++ client side is stable. Has been around for 
> considerable time and thanks to Nadir for keeping it live.
> Samisa...

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