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From Michael Sutter <>
Subject AXISCPP 1.6 installation
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 14:36:30 GMT
Hello list,

I have a problem during installation of axiscpp 1.6 under Linux. I want 
to run the simple_axis_server but I don't know what to do therefore. The 
installation guide is not clear for me.
I installed xerces2.2.0, exported $XERCESCROOT, added the installation 
path to my PATH variable and the $XERCESCROOT/lib path to my 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Then I installed axiscpp 1.6, set the AXISCPP_DEPLOY to 
the root folder of the axiscpp installation (not the deploy folder). 
Then I added the lib folder of $AXISCPP_DEPLOY to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I 
was confused, that the folder has no .so files, so I copied all .so 
files from $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib/axis to $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib. As for my 
opinion they must be there. In the next steps I found, that the 
axiscpp.conf file is under $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/deploy/etc so I copied the 
file to my $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/etc. And edited the file with to my path. 
During editing I found, that some of the mentioned files don't exist 
with the mentioned name in $AXISCPP_DEPLOY/lib, so I changed the files 
to the one I think mentioned. Below you can find my axiscpp.conf.


In  my file all path are absolute, I wrote it only here for better 
The problem now is, that the simple_axis_server don't start. I have no 
error message, only that it is canceled and no log is written.
Does anybody know my mistake and could explain it to me?

Kind regards

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