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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Axiom Questions
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 04:41:00 GMT
Subra A Narayanan wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Its Monday morning and I am back with my questions. :-)
> Not sure if these questions belong here but will ask anyways. Please 
> let me know if I should be sending this mail to some other mailing list.
> I am using Axis2 and have 2 basic questions about Axiom. I did some 
> searching on the web and tried looking through the Axis2/C source code 
> but don't have my answer. Here it goes:
> Q1) I have a web service with 4 operations. The first 3 parameters are 
> the same for all the 4 operations. In other words, the first 3 child 
> elements inside the <SoapBody><Operation Name></Operation 
> Name></SoapBody> are the same for the 4 operations. So I created a 
> function, called ReadFirst3Params which gets called from all the 4 
> operations. Since, Axiom is based on a pull parser, I know I have to 
> have a reference to the 3rd parameter node to be able to read the 4th 
> parameter. Now my question is, do I need to return a reference to the 
> 3rd parameter node from my ReadFirst3Params function so that I can 
> continue reading the other params in the operation.
Not really, one can read the rest of the OM tree the way they want, as 
an example, using the qname (see axiom_element_get_children_with_qname).

> Or is there any other way of doing this. For e.g. an internal pointer 
> that Axiom maintains which will tell me the position with in the XML 
> document. (I hope my question makes sense)
> Q2) One of the operation returns an attachment to the client as an 
> mtom attachment. I use axiom_data_handler_create to read in the binary 
> file. I have a requirement to be able to read in a part of the file 
> rather than the whole file. Just like pread function in 'C' where I 
> can specify an offset and the file is read from the beginning to the 
> offset. Is there a function in axiom to be able to do that? If not, 
> how do I solve the above problem?
We do not have provision to read part of the attachment as of now. Is 
there any way you can break the attachment to multiple parts and send 
that in the SOAP message. If you can do that, then you can read only the 
first attachment and forget about the rest and pass it on, I hope.

> Thanks again for ur help!
> Subra

Samisa Abeysinghe : WSO2 WSF/C

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