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From Kaushalye Kapuruge <>
Subject Re: Digest Verification problem
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 06:32:19 GMT
Hi Dairush,
Seems what we guessed is correct.
In Axis2/C it uses AXIOM as the XML infoset model. So when C14N 
algorithm pulls nodes using the AXIOM object model, it fails to give the 
nodes, when generated by the code-gen tool. There is a slight difference 
from writing your payload manually.  When you use the code-gen tool, the 
payload is actually kept as a stream (that has introduced for some 
efficiency issues). So for the time being, unfortunately though, you 
cannot sign payloads which are generated using the tool. We will try to 
come-up with a workaround for this in Rampart/C level first. If not we 
might have to change the behavior of the code-gen tool. I will raise a 
JIRA issue on this. Thanks a lot for informing us about this.

Dariush Forouher wrote:
> Hi Kaushalye!
> Kaushalye Kapuruge wrote:
>> Hi Dariush,
>> Could you please send us the WSDL that you are using?
> Of course. Attached is a package containing the WSDL file as well as a
> runnable subset of the client implementation. One of the problematic
> operations is for example getPosixGroupByGid.
>> If the C14N input is different to the actual payload, signature must be
>> failed in the server side.
>> Instead of using the code generation tool, have you tried building the
>> same payload manually?
> No, but I have just tried it now. :)
> Using the sample code "echo.c"  as a starting point it was quite easy -
> and suprisingly it works!
> (the modified echo.c is also in the package)
>> That might help to identify the origin of the problem.
> Yes, indeed. The problem now obviously seems to be caused by the
> different ways the payload is constructed. But I don't know enough of
> Axis2 to understand why. Especially since both methods behave the same
> when Rampart is disabled; And the actual payload sent over the wire in
> the body (not counting the security stuff) also look the same in both cases.
>> Cheers,
>> Kaushalye
> ciao
> Dariush
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