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From "Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir" <>
Subject Error in axiom_document_build_all
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 05:39:50 GMT

[Context]: Invoking axis2 as dlls from a scripting language called J (
[Environment]: Using proxy
[Based on]: Yahoo sample that works perfectly fine with the same set of
dlls. Code translated into scripting language.

During the building of the xml file to be sent, I get the following errors:
[Tue Aug 21 10:53:03 2007] [debug] c:\08.utils\axis2\axis2c-
src-1.0.0\axis2c-src-1.0.0\src\core\engine\phase.c(113) axis2_handler_t
*request_uri_based_dispatcher added to the index 0 of the phase Transport
[Tue Aug 21 11:01:51 2007] [error]
..\..\axiom\src\parser\libxml2\libxml2_reader_wrapper.c(886) attributes
construct error
[Tue Aug 21 11:01:51 2007] [error]
..\..\axiom\src\parser\libxml2\libxml2_reader_wrapper.c(886) Couldn't find
end of Start Tag parameter
[Tue Aug 21 11:01:51 2007] [error]
..\..\axiom\src\parser\libxml2\libxml2_reader_wrapper.c(886) Opening and
ending tag mismatch: parameter line 0 and transportSender
[Tue Aug 21 11:01:51 2007] [error]
..\..\axiom\src\parser\libxml2\libxml2_reader_wrapper.c(427)  error occured
in reading xml stream

I believe that this later leads to error in send and so the receive fails.

Any suggestions?


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