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From "Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir" <>
Subject Regarding use of Proxy and error thereof
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 13:17:25 GMT

When I use the axis2C as dlls from another process, and use proxy, I get the
following error:
"Input stream is NULL in msg_ctx"

The log reveals a potential socket error:
[Mon Aug 20 18:36:54 2007] [debug] c:\08.utils\axis2\axis2c-
src-1.0.0\axis2c-src-1.0.0\src\core\engine\phase.c(195) Invoke the handler
AddressingOutHandler within the phase MessageOut
[Mon Aug 20 18:37:09 2007] [debug]
..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_client.c(389) [axis2c] client data
stream  null or socket error
[Mon Aug 20 18:37:09 2007] [error]
..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_sender.c(528) status_code < 0
[Mon Aug 20 18:37:09 2007] [debug]
..\..\src\core\transport\http\sender\http_transport_sender.c(566) OP name
axutil_qname_get_localpart =
[Mon Aug 20 18:37:27 2007] [debug] c:\08.utils\axis2\axis2c-
src-1.0.0\axis2c-src-1.0.0\src\core\engine\engine.c(180) Axis2 engine send

Is there something I need to do?

Note that the same code (yahoo_client.c) works absolutely fine as a C


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