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From Dumindu Pallewela <>
Subject Re: How to create a SSL client to support https
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 11:41:38 GMT
Hi Kelvin,

Please find my comments inline.

Kelvin Lin wrote:

> Then I commented the explicitly setting property in the program and set 
> them in the axis2.xml like:
>     <transportSender name="https" class="axis2_http_sender">
>         <parameter name="PROTOCOL" locked="false">HTTP/1.1</parameter>
>     </transportSender>
>     <parameter 
> name="SERVER_CERT">E:\Project\VS8\Axis2_prototype\debug\TrustList.pem</parameter>
>     <parameter 
> name="KEY_FILE">E:\Project\VS8\Axis2_prototype\debug\TrustList.pem</parameter>
>     <parameter name="SSL_PASSPHRASE">passphrase</parameter>
> But it still no any effects.
> How should I do?

I have not used the ssl client in windows lately. But it is *possible* 
that you need to use unix like path separators. eg:


I doubt what you have done here... setting the same pem file for both 
the CA Certificate/Server Certificate and the Client certificate-key 
pair is not correct. If you don't need client authentication, only set 
the "SERVER_CERT" parameter.

Could you please explain me the content of the TrustList.pem?

Please let me know the specifics of the ssl authentication that you need 
(with client auth / without client auth?) so that I can give the exact 
config options necessary.

> By the way, in this web page: 
>, I have two 
> suggests,
> 1st, you still use axis2/c v0.96 api, like:
> ssl_ca_file = axis2_property_create(env);  AXIS2_PROPERTY_SET_VALUE(ssl_ca_file, env,
   axis2_strdup("/home/dumindu/dummyCA/demoCA/cacert.pem", env));  AXIS2_OPTIONS_SET_PROPERTY(options,
env, "SERVER_CERT", ssl_ca_file);

Thanks, these should be changed as I've explained in my previous email.   :)

> 2nd, You can find the complete sample code here 
> <>. There is no link when 
> clicking "here".

oops my bad, will add it there soon.


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