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From Sebastian Gurin <>
Subject errors in complex type code generation
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:45:13 GMT
Hi all. First of all excuse me for my bad english. 

Well, I'm trying to build a axis client using axis-cpp from a wsdl file
(that I send attached Portal_UserService.wsdl). I have successfully
created the C++ stubs using the WSDL2Ws utility. I send the bash script which was used for invoking wsdl2Ws. The problem arrises when
compiling the C++ files, in particular there are C++ errors in function
Axis_DeSerialize_* of a complex type c++ stub (that I send attached

You will see that in Axis_DeSerialize_UserSoap static method, lines

xsd__string* p_comments = (pIWSDZ->getElementAsString("comments",0));
        param->comments = *p_comments;

that throws "cannot convert from char** to char*" g++ errors. These
errors can be fixed changing the latter segment of code to something

xsd__string p_comments = (pIWSDZ->getElementAsString("comments",0));
        param->comments = p_comments;

The same happens with the segments of code like: 

xsd__dateTime* p_passwordExpirationDate =
        param->passwordExpirationDate = *p_passwordExpirationDate;

that I have to change into this for compiling without errors:

        xsd__dateTime* p_passwordExpirationDate =
        param->passwordExpirationDate = p_passwordExpirationDate;

Nevertheless, I haven't tried if this changes give me correct code. I'm
using axis-c-1.6b-Linux-trace-bin and gcc 4.0.2. 

Can somebody tell mi if this are known axis-cpp bugs?

Thanks in advance

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