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From "Dr. Florian Steinborn" <>
Subject [AXIS2C][WSDL2C] close to despair
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 22:05:27 GMT
Dear group,

I am looking for one complete example of a web service for AXIS2C that was  
completely created by one single WSDL file using the generator utilities  
 from AXIS2-Java. But I cannot find one. Can someone provide me one?

I would like to show you what I did (the webservice is just to return a  

I used this interface to generate the wsdl-file I want to use...

public interface Hello {
     public String sayHello();

I compiled it with javac.
The resulting class file should be usable to generate the wsdl.
I used this (no special parameters):

java2wsdl Hello.class

I was lucky to find a "Hello.wsdl" afterwards.

This one I ran against WSDL2C to generate the server stubs.

java -classpath ${WSCP} org.apache.axis2.wsdl.WSDL2C -uri Hello.wsdl -ss  
-sd -d adb

Everythings works fine until here. I understood I have to implement the  
business logic in "axis2_skel_Hello.c".
But looking at

axis2_sayHelloResponse_t* axis2_skel_Hello_sayHello (const axutil_env_t
    /* TODO fill this with the necessary business logic */
    return NULL;

I find it extremely difficult to compare this generated source with the  
hand written sources in the samples directory. I am not sure which  
functions I have to call and which not. I probably have to issue a call for
to get the chance to send back my string, but once I did that: how do I  
copy my string to the return variable? Somewhere I found the use of
but HELL I cannot find the definition of this function (first I thought it  
was a macro but I could find a macro defintion either)... Where is this  
definition? How can I know that this function is useful to return a string  
- how does it look like when I have to return a long?
Once I am sure the service is well defined and running I would like to  
create the Java-client stubs from the same "Hello.wsdl" to connect to the  
service - but this is another story...

Please don't think I am too impatient - I torture myself since monday.

Thanks a lot for your help,


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