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From Wayne Johnson <>
Subject Re: is Axis2 C ready for production environment ?
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2007 14:01:21 GMT
Forgive me for asking what probably is a stupid question, but what is the difference between
Axis C++ and Axis2 C.  

I would also like to commend Nadir on his work.  We're about to (in a few months) release
our product, which includes Axis C++, on an unsuspecting world.  So far, there have been a
few problems, but Nadir is always willing to help and for the large part, most of the code
works great.

Thanks Nadir.

Franz Fehringer <> wrote: Hi Radoslav,

My five cents:
For Axis C++ the upcoming version 1.6 will be the first usable one (all 
versions up to and including 1.5 have severe problems in code 
generation, xml parsing, connection stability and so on).
Problem is that only one developer (Nadir K. Amra) is left and he 
currenrtly seems to be swamped with other tasks.
For Axis2 C i think the most severe deficiency is, that when it comes to 
XSD databinding, only the most elementary XML schema constructs are 
The amount of supported XML schema constructs is probably sufficient to 
circumvent the nonsupported ones in your own handcrafted web services 
(respective their XSDs), but i think you will have no luck with 
consuming complex real world web services.



Radoslav Dorcik schrieb:
> Hello,
> i'm trying to search some opensource lib for SOAP client communication 
> in C/C++.
> I have been using for testing Axis C++ but it seems that it is not 
> very stable and not ready for production use (observed non-standard 
> behavior, segmentation faults). Is Axis C++ still developed ?
> What is the status of Axis2 C ? Is version 1.0.0 stable and can be 
> used in production environment ?
> Thanks,
> Radoslav

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