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From Bregitte Pracht <>
Subject Re: need help with invoking/tracing sample echo service for axis2c
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 00:46:43 GMT
I haven't received any responses. I'm probably
impatient. Here's a different spin on my query:

I have deployed the echo service into
AXIS2C_HOME/services/echo. Using a webbrowser I can
see the service.

My question is: I have added debug traces to the echo
service functions housed in the lib (init,
create, invoke, echo, etc.), but I don't see these
traces appear in the axis2.log file. Does anyone know
what needs to be done to make these debug traces
appear in the log file or anywhere else for that
matter? It would greatly help me to debug the

Thanks for any help/hints anyone can offer!

--- Bregitte Pracht <> wrote:

> I am using the simple http axis2c server,
> axis2_http_server, on linux ppc. I am using a Java
> client to send a soap request to the server. The
> service that is requested is the sample echo
> service,
> provided with axis2c.
> Based on traces, the server seems to find
> services/echo ok as service=echo,
> operation=echoString
> when it first launches.
> Based on traces I have added to the server to
> serialize the envelope to the axis2c.log file, the
> envelope seems to arrive ok from the client.
> I have two symptoms that I hope someone can please
> help me with. They are very likely related and one
> and
> the same issue.
> -1-I have added traces to the echo service (all the
> pertinent functions (create, invoke, etc.), but I
> don't see these appear in the axis2c.log file? Any
> idea why?
> -2-When the server receives the envelope, function
> in src/core/receivers/raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c is
> called. Based on traces, the server realizes that
> the
> operation requested is echoString. Eventually within
> said function, AXIS2_SVC_SKELETON_INVOKE(...) gets
> called and returns a result_node (which is an
> axiom_node_t struct). This result_node is then used
> to
> build a response to be sent back. However, it does
> not
> appear to contain what would be expected and it
> causes
> the server to segfault. Any idea why? Does this mean
> my echo service is not deployed correctly? I don't
> see
> any failure logs that would indicate my echo service
> is deployed incorrectly, but obviously something is
> wrong. The trace level is set to 5.
> Thanks for any help, pointers anyone can offer.
> Best regards,
> Bregitte
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