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From Fred Preston <>
Subject Re: Statically linking Windows OpenSSL in HTTPSSLChannel
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 08:56:11 GMT
Hi Wayne,
        I think the library is listed as part of the dependent libraries 
parameter in the link options.  When starting up AXIS, the library loader 
will attempt to load the dependent libraries.  The HTTPSSLChannel DLL is 
dynamically loaded from within AXIS.  The AXIS LoadLibrary function will 
use the usual Microsoft search criteria to look for dependent libraries 
using the contents of the PATH environment variable.  If you have DB2 
already up and running (using something like ODBC and SQL to connect to 
it), (hopefully on a different thread or process ;-)), then you should be 
able to change the environment path before running your client so that the 
correct OpenSSL library is found, loaded and run. As far as I know, there 
is no existing parameter that will statically link the OpenSSL libraries, 
but you can quite easily do this yourself by changing the link options. 
Both options should work.  It really just depends on your preference.


Fred Preston.

Wayne Johnson <> 
27/04/2007 19:16
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Staticly linking Windows OpenSSL in HTTPSSLChannel

We have an interesting problem.  Our app uses both DB2 and Axis.  DB2 
automatically loads it's copy of OpenSSL's libeay32.dll.  When we attempt 
to load HTTPSSLChannel.dll, it sees DB2's libeay32.dll already loaded and 
attempts to use it.  Since they're different versions, and we have no 
control over what version DB2 is using, we're toast.

At this point, we're looking at linking Axis statically with the OpenSSL 
library (like the UNIX platforms do).  Anyone see any issues with this? 
Don't suppose there is a build parameter that does this?

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