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From "Milinda Pathirage" <>
Subject Re: dll description has invalid state
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 04:41:11 GMT
I think this is beacuase of the problems in generated
axis2_svc_skel_<name>.c and header file's

axis2_get_instance(struct axis2_svc_skeleton **inst,
                            const axis2_env_t *env)

axis2_remove_instance(axis2_svc_skeleton_t *inst,
                            const axis2_env_t *env)
functions have some problems. Please can u attach the source and header file
of axis2_svc_skel_<name>


On 3/5/07, Zoltán Altfatter <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Axis2C 0.96 and Axis2/Java 1.1.1.
> I made a simple SayHelloService with Axis2/Java, generated the wsdl file
> with java2wsdl tool.
> Then I generated Axis2/C stub and skeleton files from the wsdl file.
> After a few hours finally I managed to compile them with Microsoft Visual
> Studio...with Eclipse CDT somehow I couldn't manage, to set the gcc command
> failed with during linking.
> Anyway, with Microsoft Visual Studio I obtained the dll file.
> After deploying the service to the Axis2/C standalone  web server, I tried
> to call it from a Java client.
> But I received an AxisFault exception with the following message:
> "dll description has invalid state of not having valid dll create
> function,         of valid delete function or valid dll_handler"
> From Java client I can call the already deployed sample echo service in
> Axis2/C...but when I try to build this sample echo service and deploy it to
> Axis2/C web server I receive again the AxisFault exception with the same
> error message.
> So I suppose there is some problem with my dll creation...
> Could you help me?
> Zoli.

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