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From "Gary Mazzaferro" <>
Subject Help - .96 /util build broken under solaris
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 22:54:21 GMT
I'm new to axis2c and I'm trying to build under solaris 10 sparc. I'm having
some trouble getting /util to build.
Can someone please help ? Maybe someone has fixed this already ?
This is where I'm at:
I fixed some "//" comments in uuid_gen_unix.c  
Now, I have some compile errors:
uuid_gen_unix.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/uuid_gen_unix.o
uuid_gen_unix.c: In function `axis2_uuid_get_mac_addr':
uuid_gen_unix.c:355: error: structure has no member named `sa_len'
uuid_gen_unix.c:355: error: structure has no member named `sa_len'

These arecaused by trying to build the "Darwin" axis2_uuid_get_mac_addr()
instead of the version 
in "#ifdef HAVE_STRUCT_LIFREQ  /* Solaris-ish */"
Digging in a little shows HAVE_STRUCT_LIFREQ is not defined in config.h. 
Something is not right with the ./configure script. I believe the following
2 tests should result in "yes".
checking for struct lifreq... no
checking for struct sockaddr_dl... no

I tried running  thinking it was something in the "auto" tool
chain. Automake failed, there wasn't an 
error code and I haven't had a second to dig any deeper into the issue. 
Is this fixed ?? Can anyone help ? I really don't want to move to Java for
this project.

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