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From Bradley Beddoes <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Failed in creating DLL using apache2 module and echo example
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 06:37:49 GMT

Updating to the latest SVN release seems to have corrected this issue, 
although there is a number of patches submitted between 0.96 and now I 
can't immediately tell if any one of them has any relation to this 
problem I was having below, would be nice to know if they do if anyone 
has an idea.


Bradley Beddoes wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been trying to run up the 0.96 release of Axis2/c on my Fedora 
> 64bit development environment over the past couple of days and have run 
> into a brick wall I hope someone can help with.
> All the code builds fine, the axis2/c apache module loads in apache 
> 2.2.3 fine and I get logging to the file specified by the Axis2LogFile 
> directive, this logging seems to indicate its picking up the 
> services.xml file and associated shared objects correctly.
> My problem is that every time I attempt to connect to the echo service 
> using the provided echo client I get a log of:
> [Sat Feb 17 12:36:28 2007] [error] raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c(117) Impl 
> object for service 'echo' not set in message receiver. 100 :: Failed in 
> creating DLL
> Now I am sure its something simple I have overlooked here but I can't 
> seem to locate what I have done, I have also attempted to write my own 
> server implementation and client to which I get the same error. (Note I 
> made 1 modification to the echo client to make it connect to 
> http://localhost instead of http://localhost:9090
>  From investigating the code in raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.c I assume the 
> problem is that the implementation of
> axis2_get_instance(axis2_svc_skeleton_t **inst, const axis2_env_t *env)
> isn't being found or isn't being exported correctly but looking at the 
> created shared object the symbol is seemingly present.
> Any suggestions on where to look next? (Apache logs below for reference).
> regards,
> Bradley

Bradley Beddoes
Lead Software Architect
Intient - "Open Source, Open Standards"

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