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From Nicholas Hart <>
Subject axiscpp parsing problem
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 22:03:45 GMT

I'm not having much luck with an axis2c client, so I've returned to 
axiscpp--which I almost seem to have working.  I've built a debug 
version from svn and I've verified that I receive a response from my 
server (I can see it in ethereal and in 
SoapBinInputStream::readBytes()), but when trying to parse the response, 
SoapDeSerializer::getElementAsString() is failing.

in my generated client stub, the call to "m_pCall->checkMessage()" 
succeeds, so it does seem to receive the correct message in the 
response.  however, m_pCall->getCmplxObject() fails, returning NULL. 
Stepping into getCmplxObject() I see that when it tries to parse the 
very first element (via pIWSDZ->getElementAsString()) it fails.
the element it is trying to parse looks something like this:

<foo>some text here</foo>

I would expect that it should return "some text here" but instead, it 
fails.  I believe this is because inside SoapDeSerializer::getElement(), 
it calls SoapDeSerializer::getXSDType() on the element (in this case, 
"foo") and it fails, because the element has no attributes.  XSD_UNKNOWN 
is returned, and since it doesn't match XSD_STRING, getElement() fails. 
  of course, the rest of the parsing fails since the status is set to an 

since I'm not too familiar with how this is supposed to work I am wondering:
1. is the server response bad (ie: should it be providing some 
attributes on that node?)
2. is the client configured incorrectly (ie: should it be able to parse 
this, with the right settings somewhere?)
3. is this a bug in the client that I should try to fix?

thank you!

PS: let me know if this should go on the dev list instead.

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