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From "Milinda Pathirage" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2c] axis2_svc_client_create_for_dynamic_invocation returns NULL
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 13:16:58 GMT
I have done some tests on dynamic client and unfortunately I was caught up
in another important work so I was unable to work on it that much. I think
there are some problems with dynamic client and I'll hope to working on it
tomorrow onwards.  So  I'll let you know progress of my work. If you have
any comments and suggestions about this issue feel free to send them to the
mailing list.

Thank You

On 1/22/07, Clifford Audinet <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am attempting to use the dynamic_client example bundled with axis2c
> and have encountered a problem I hope you can shed some light on.  But
> first the particulars.
> I am using:
> axis2c v0.96 win binaries
> WinXP Pro as the dev platform
> MS Visual C++ 6.0
> A bit of History:
> I couple of weeks ago I was using the AxisC++ 1.5 and 1.6b framework
> (win binaries) to develop a prototype C client.  One of the requirements
> was dynamic invocation which that framework didn't support, among other
> issues.  I  found the WSIF  project  but it was written in Java.  So
> after Googling for a bit  I discovered the Axis2C Framework and noted
> that not only is it written in C, but it supported dynamic invocation.
> Perfect as all of my company's products are written in C.  The demo I'm
> trying to create makes 2 web service calls.  The first to retrieve a
> login token from Atlassion's Jira test project, and the second to submit
> an issue to the test project using the retrieved token.
> The Installation:
> I didn't have any trouble with the installation and was able to run all
> of the samples using the axis2_http_server.exe application.
> The Problem:
> I modified the dynamic_client example to take all of the arguments
> related to dynamic invocation (WSDL file, namespace, service URL,
> operation, operation parameters, etc) from the command line and tested
> it using the Calculator example and it worked.  By this time I've
> figured out how the API docs are organized and I have a basic
> understanding of how the framework works.
> When I changed the command line arguments to point to a service that was
> not local to my environment I started getting errors when the service
> client was being created.  I tried a couple of different things but got
> the same result.  I figured out how to use the macros to print the
> variable as strings to check the args to the function and things look OK
> to me but I'm sure I'm missing something.  Here's what I'm passing in
> along with their values:
> axis2_svc_client_create_for_dynamic_invocation(
> env,                      //the usual pointer to an environment variable
> config_stx,            //In the example this is NULL, but the docs said
> it should be a pointer to a configuration I created one,
> although it's empty
> wsdl_uri,              //The URI to the WSDL file which, based on the
> output of AXIS2_URI_TO_STRING, WSDL URI is:
> C:\axis2c\bin\samples\resources\jirasoapservice-v2.wsdl
> wsdl_svc_qname  //The service qname which, based on the output of
> JiraSoapServiceService|
> progParams->ws_name //The web service name: "JiraSoapServiceService"
> client_home          //The axis2c deploy location "C:\axis2c"
> );
> Note for wsdl_uri:  I had switched to a local WSDL URI in the hopes that
> is was something related to a remote service but I got the same result
> regardless.  The remote WSDL URI was:
> The return from the function is, unfortunately, NULL (0x00000000).
> Sometimes it goes into the error block and sometimes it results in an
> unhandled exception in the AXIS_ENGINE.DLL: 0x00000005: Access Violation
> (sometimes I can fix this error by rebooting...I love Windows  :-(   ).
> I have tried the original example again and it still works.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated (let me know if you need
> additional information).
> Thanks,
> Cliff
> --
> Clifford Audinet
> Software Architect
> Stonebranch, Inc.
> 950 North Point Parkway
> Suite 200
> Alpharetta, Ga 30005
> (678) 366-7887 X316
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