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Subject [axis2c] unable to startup mod_axis2
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:14:49 GMT
hi guys,
thanks in advance for the great tool and all the help. much appreciated!

i have been desperately trying to get mod_axis2 to work for the last couple of hours and do
not know what else to try next.

first my setup:
apache 2.0.59 and apache 2.2.3
tried both axis2c-bin-0.96 and axis2c-src-0.96
axis2 source build at d:\cpp\axis2\
path includes d:\cpp\axis2\lib

when building the sources on my machine simpleAxisServer and the examples all run fine. when
building the mod_axis2.dll and deploying it to the old apache2 (2.0.59) the server hangs at
startup and floods the apache error.log with the following error msg:

[Sat Jan 27 00:42:28 2007] [error] Parent: child process exited with status 15 -- Aborting.
[Sat Jan 27 00:42:28 2007] [notice] Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) configured -- resuming normal operations
[Sat Jan 27 00:42:28 2007] [notice] Server built: Jul 27 2006 15:55:03
[Sat Jan 27 00:42:28 2007] [notice] Parent: Created child process 7352
[Sat Jan 27 00:42:28 2007] [notice] Child 7352: Child process is running
[Sat Jan 27 00:42:28 2007] [emerg] (20014)Error string not specified yet: [Axis2] Error creating
mod_axis2 apache2 

the axis log itself contains no entries...

when i deploy th mod_axis2.dll to the newer apache version (2.2.3) the server immediately
exits after startup (with no error log entries).

the names in my httpd.conf should be ok, at least i get graceful error message from apache
when something is wrong there (dll names,...). just to make sure thats my httpd.conf:

LoadModule axis2_module modules/
    Axis2RepoPath D:/cpp/axis2c/services
    Axis2LogFile D:/cpp/axis2c/logs
    <Location /axis2>
        SetHandler axis2_module

should i use different versions of axis2c or apache in order to work together properly? do
you have any other idea/hint/...?
thanks for your help in advance


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