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From Wayne Johnson <>
Subject Possible bug in SoapDeSerializer::getCmplxArray
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 21:40:31 GMT
Looks like the patch for AXISCPP-371 may not be working as intended.

I am returning a structure that contains an array of structures.  If I return that array with
no elements, the SoapDeSerializer::getArraySize method returns a -1.  

Then SoapDeSerializer::getCmplxArray falls into the error path, and returns AXIS_FAIL.  My
stub deserializer for the outside structure sees the FAIL status and returns the FAIL to SoapDeSerializer::getCmplxObject
and everything percolates back to my client where a NULL is returned to the client instead
of my structure.

The same SOAP response seems to work fine on the Axis Java client.  

I'm working on the svn trunk.  How should I handle this?  Clone AXISCPP-371?  File a new problem?


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