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From Thomas Bopp <>
Subject compiling axis on macos
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 13:10:00 GMT
Hi there!

I am trying to compile axis on OSX. I have added entries for compiler  
and linker, but now I am stuck:
  [cc] gcc -lxerces-depdom -prebind -dynamiclib -o ../objects/XercesHandler.o ../objects/ 
AxisParseException.o ../objects/XMLParserXerces.o ../objects/ 
SoapInputSource.o ../objects/ParserLoader.o ../objects/ 
SoapBinInputStream.o -L/sw/lib -lxerces-c -lpthread -lstdc++
        [cc] ld: warning prebinding disabled because dependent  
library: libxerces-depdom.26.dylib is not prebound
        [cc] ld: Undefined symbols:
        [cc] __ZTIN11xercesc_2_617SAXParseExceptionE
        [cc] __ZTIN11xercesc_2_613XMLEntityDeclE
        [cc] __ZTIN11xercesc_2_611InputSourceE
        [cc] __ZTIN11xercesc_2_614BinInputStreamE
        [cc] /usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed

I have added -lxerces-depdom manually, but it fails with a similar  
error message without it. Can anyone help ?
My Linker and Compiler:
             <linker id="OSXLinker" name="g++" libtool="false"  
                   <linkerarg value="-g" if="debug"/>
                   <syslibset libs="pthread"/>

               <compiler id="OSXgcc" name="g++" if="macosx">
                 <compilerarg value="-g" if="debug"/>
                 <compilerarg value="-Wall"/>
                 <compilerarg value="-Wshadow"/>
                 <compilerarg value="-O2"/>
                 <compilerarg value="-I ../include"/>
                 <define name="ENABLE_AXIS_EXCEPTION"/>
                 <define name="HAVE_CONFIG_H"/>
                 <define name="PIC"/>
                 <includepath path="${dir.include}"/>

Thanx in advance,

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