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From "" <>
Subject Re: problem with 'nil'
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 09:36:05 GMT
Hi, Nadir.

I have solved the problem with a slight modification in lines 3252, 
3393 of the file


in order to accept also "1", in the same way it accepts "true". With 
this minor modification, it has worked ok. But I do not know for sure 
if this modification is completely correct .....

I downloaded the source code at the beginning of november. Maybe the 
latest version of the code can already deal correctly with both ways to 
express nil values.

Thanks for your reply.


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Data: 02/12/2006 06:38
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Assumpte: Re: problem with &#39;nil&#39;


Actually, looking at the code it should handle either value.  Maybe 
should try building the latest code (until we get something out there 
you can download).

Nadir K. Amra

"" <> wrote 
11/28/2006 06:40:58 AM:

> Hello.I am using Axis C++ to build a client in order to access a web
> service. I have managed to do it, and now I am in the test phase.But
> I have found a problem. In the web service response, the SOAP sent 
> by the server includes one element withxsi:nil='1'I think this is 
> syntactically correct. Nevertheless, it turns out that Axis C++ does
> not like it. After a more careful look, I thinkthat Axis C++ can 
> handle things likexsi:nil='true', but cannot handle it in case '1' 
> is used instead of 'true'.If I cannot change the server part of the 
> web service, is there anyway to avoid this problem?Thanks in 

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