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From Bradley Gorman <>
Subject Re: interoperability problem -- Axis C++ with Visual Studio 8
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 00:57:58 GMT
Hi Manu

To rebuild Axis C++ you should use Ant:

The Visual Studio solutions have been abandoned.



"" <> wrote on 
17/11/2006 05:43:00 PM:

> Hello.I am building an application using web services. The server 
> part will be made in Java and the client part will be made in C++.I 
> am using Axis C++ to generate the client stubs and Visual Studio 8 
> to build the client application. The actual version of Axis C++ I am
> using is the last release I have found, namely axis-c-win32-current-
> bin / axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-bin .But I am having some problems 
> with the generated client stubs.To put it simple, I have tried to 
> generate a client for the 'Version' web service that is included in 
> axis distribution, whose WSDL is accessible at http://localhost:
> 8080/axis/services/Version?wsdl .So, I generate the client stubs 
> with the following command-line scriptset CLASSPATHAXIS=C:
> \axis\axis-c-win32-current-bin\axis-c-1..6b-Win32-trace-
> bin\lib\axisjava\axis.jar;C:\axis\axis-c-win32-current-bin\axis-c-1.
> 6b-Win32-trace-bin\lib\axisjava\commons-discovery.jar;C:\axis\axis-
> c-win32-current-bin\axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-
> bin\lib\axisjava\commons-logging.jar;C:\axis\axis-c-win32-current-
> bin\axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-bin\lib\axisjava\jaxrpc.jar;C:
> \axis\axis-c-win32-current-bin\axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-
> bin\lib\axisjava\saaj.jar;C:\axis\axis-c-win32-current-bin\axis-c-1.
> 6b-Win32-trace-bin\lib\axisjava\wsdl4j.jarjava -classpath C:
> \axis\axis-c-win32-current-bin\axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-
> bin\lib\axis\wsdl2ws.jar;%CLASSPATHAXIS% org.apache.axis.wsdl.
> wsdl2ws.WSDL2Ws wsdl/Version.wsdl -o./ClientOut -lc++ -sclientNext, 
> I create an empty project in Visual Studio 8. I add the generated 
> files to the project, and add a new file in order to test the stub, 
> with the following code#include "Version.hpp"int main() {Version 
> versionService;printf("result = %s", versionService.getVersion());
> return 0;}I manage to build the executable. When trying to execute 
> it, two DLLs are required (MSVCP70.DLL and msvcr70.dll). I add this 
> to 2 DLLs to the path. But then the executable aborts with the 
> following errorsFirst-chance exception at 0x7c812a5b in 
> VersionServiceAxisClient.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: axiscpp::
> AxisEngineException at memory location 0x0012f5b8..First-chance 
> exception at 0x7c812a5b in VersionServiceAxisClient.exe: Microsoft 
> C++ exception: [rethrow] at memory location 0x00000000..Unhandled 
> exception at 0x7c812a5b in VersionServiceAxisClient.exe: Microsoft 
> C++ exception: axiscpp::AxisEngineException at memory location 
> 0x0012f5b8..Can you help me?I don't know if the problem can be that 
> the Axis C++ DLLs have been built with a previous version of MSVC? 
> Just in case, I have tried to re-build the Axis C++ source 
> distribution with Visual Studio 8, but it seems that the 
> 'Distribution.sln' do not work properly with this version of Visual 
> Studio.Thanks in advance.manu

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