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From Nicholas Hart <>
Subject client deployment question
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 23:34:09 GMT
I've got a question about deploying a client using axiscpp that doesn't 
seem to be addressed in the documentation on the website or wiki.

I'm trying to build a client on windows using the latest version of 
axiscpp (I downloaded the "" build dated 
24-Aug-2006 from here: ).

I used the WSDL2Ws tool to create the client stubs, wrote a simple 
main(), linked it with axis_client.lib and copied various dll's to the 
location where my .exe is located. the dll's I've copied are: 
axis_client.dll, AxisXMLParser.dll (renamed from 
AxisXMLParserXerces.dll), HTTPChannel.dll, HTTPSSLChannel.dll, 
HTTPTransport.dll and xerces-c_2_2_0.dll, and xerces-c_2_2_0D.dll.

however, when I run the client, I get the following exception:

Axis Exception : DLOPEN FAILED in loading parser library Failed to load 
parser 'AxisXMLParser.dll' within server engine:
                  Error Message='The specified module could not be found.
                 Error Code='126'
                  Load lib error=''

So here's my question, and sorry if it's naive or addressed somewhere 
else: in order to deploy the client (ie: for end users) do I need to go 
through all the Axis & Xerces setup, including setting the environment 
variables and axiscpp.conf?  Or is there some streamlined subset of 
things that are necessary to get a client working?

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