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From "White, Darran" <>
Subject Axis2C Dynamic Invocation of Client getting Error messages
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2006 11:59:22 GMT
I`m trying to use the dynamic client for Axis2 C and its failing to
create a Client with the axis2_svc_client_create_for_dynamic_invocation.
If I use the  xis2_svc_client_create to create a client it returns a
valid pointer so it doesn`t seem to be the client path. However I have
no idea how to get error messages back and can`t find any documentation
on how to do this. So does any one know how to retrieve error

I`ve been basing my code on the dynamic calculator sample.

I`m wondering wether Axis2 C dynamic client code is in a good state to
use or wether I should be using the Axis C dynamic client as its more
stable. Has any one had any experience of either??? 


Heres the code from my class which creates the client:-

void AxisClient::initialise(const char* pszAxisXML)
	   /* set up the envioronment with allocator and log*/
    m_pAllocator = axis2_allocator_init(NULL);
    m_pError = axis2_error_create(m_pAllocator);
    m_pLog = axis2_log_create(m_pAllocator, NULL, "addr_echo.log");
    m_pEnv = axis2_env_create_with_error_log(m_pAllocator,
    m_pEnv->log->level = AXIS2_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG;
		m_pClient_home = AXIS2_GETENV("AXIS2C_HOME");
		if (!m_pClient_home || !strcmp (m_pClient_home,""))
			m_pClient_home = "../..";
		m_pClient_home = pszAxisXML;

void AxisClient::execute(const char* service,
						const char* port,
						const char* operation,
						const char*
	//Create the service QName
	axis2_qname_t * pWsdl_svc_qname = 0;
	pWsdl_svc_qname = axis2_qname_create(m_pEnv,
service,targetNamespace, NULL);

	//Parse WSDL
	axis2_uri_t * pWsdl_uri = 0;
	pWsdl_uri = axis2_uri_parse_string(m_pEnv,m_pstrWsdlUri);

	//Create the client
	m_pSvc_client =
            m_pEnv, NULL, pWsdl_uri, pWsdl_svc_qname,service,

	m_pSvc_client = axis2_svc_client_create(m_pEnv, client_home);

    if (!m_pSvc_client)
        printf("Error creating service client, Please check AXIS2C_HOME

        AXIS2_LOG_DEBUG(m_pEnv->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI, "Service client is
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