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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject help with client samples
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:52:23 GMT
Hi --

   I've recently had cause to install Axis2/C 0.93 on Linux and I'm
attempting to get the basic echo service working.  I'm a relative newbie
to the Axis world, so I apologize for the rudimentary questions.  I've
got axis2_http_server running and, using telnet, I can confirm that
it is listening for requests to the basic echo service.

   However, when I run the "echo" sample client program, it just
reports "echo client invoke FAILED!" on stdout, and the the log file
ends with the following:

echo.c(105) Stub invoke FAILED: Error code: 2 :: NULL paramater
  was passed when a non NULL parameter was expected

   The "google" sample client program does exactly the same thing;
in fact, they all do.

   Tracing into the code a bit, what seems to be happen is that the
client program gets a NULL return value from
AXIS2_SVC_CLIENT_SEND_RECEIVE().  That macro runs the
axis2_svc_client_send_receive() function in the
modules/core/clientapi/svc_client.c file.

   Now, I don't really understand what exactly that function is
doing (besides the obvious "send" and "receive", I mean).  It gets
a false return from AXIS2_OPTIONS_GET_USE_SEPERATE_LISTENER(), which
causes it to execute a secondary block of code; that code ends up
getting a NULL return from AXIS2_OP_CTX_GET_MSG_CTX() and that's
what causes the axis2_svc_client_send_receive() to return NULL.

   My only hunch is that I'm supposed to have some kind of "options"
set, such that AXIS2_OPTIONS_GET_USE_SEPERATE_LISTENER() would return
a true value ... but I really don't know if that's correct, and if it
is, what kind of option I should be setting, or where.

   I'm just using the stock samples/server/axis2.xml file from
the distribution.

   Help would be much appreciated!  You can reach me at either
<> or <>.  Thanks in advance!


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