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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Fw: What is the best AXIS C++ practice to implement request/response MEP
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:37:35 GMT


I'm posting this back to the mailing list, so others can participate.

For simple XSD types, simply choose the appropriate getElementAs method
(eg: getElementAsString for xsd:string)
For arrays of simple XSD types use getBasicArray
For complex types, use getCmplxObject and getCmplxArray -- I strongly
recommend looking at a WSDL2Ws generated example to understand how these
should be used.

Adrian Dick (

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the quick response -

i have a scenario when in wsdl file of the service
<message name="MyMessage"
     <part element=<some schema>:<type> name="MyResponse" />


What CAll::getElementAs  should i use after Call::checkMessage>?

Best regards,

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