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From Chen LC Li <>
Subject Re: Axis2c client doesn't work when I built it into library
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 02:34:42 GMT
Hello Mr.Samisa,

This is Aaron from IBM China Software Development Lab. Thanks for your 

I did have /opt/axis2c-bin-0.92-linux/lib on my LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I set it 
in my system profile even in my C program as well. Now we are facing with 
a case that needs to integrate C legacy with Java programs. I bet Axis2/c 
would be the best solution ... However, since the tight timeline, we have 
to give up this solution at this point. Its such a pity for me when my 
developer lead told me that we have to move on using another solution. But 
I am kind of stubborn, I decide to keep on following this solution on my 
own and probably some day I could convince him of our C web service 

Could you please give me some demo of 'easy to use service client API'? 
Isn't it the easy way to create C web service consumer using stub that is 
generated from WSDL? I am sorry about bothering you so much, because I am 
new about this :P  I am learning anyway.

Thanks for your help.

Aaron Li 

Samisa Abeysinghe <> 
2006-08-23 00:20
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Apache AXIS C User List <>

Re: Axis2c client doesn't work when I built it into library

Do you have the Axis2/C libs on you library path, so that the program
that loads your library file with client logic can locate the required
Axis2/C libs? (As far as I can tell form your compile command, you
should have /opt/axis2c-bin-0.92-linux/lib on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

BTW, you could use the easy to use service client API rather than the
stub API for consuming services.


Chen LC Li wrote:
> Hello friends,
> I worked out a Axis2c client on linux that can successfully invoke a
> web service implemented by Java ... I've been trying to build it into
> a library file (.so) so that it can be called from other C program
> ....but it failed to call the web service anymore. I added a bunch of
> debugging statements printing out infomation so that I could see which
> step it was stuck on. Finally I found out that every time it gets
> trouble on calling the function
> axis2_stub_create_with_endpoint_ref_and_client_home in the client
> stub. I am just wondering why it only got problem on calling this
> function when I build it into a shared library? (.so) It used to work
> well when I build it into a stand alone C application... Was there any
> wrong with my linking? Any suggestion please? Thanks a lot.
> My compiling and linking command:
> gcc -fPIC -shared -o *.c -I. -laxis2_axiom -laxis2_engine
> -laxis2_libxml2 -laxis2_parser -laxis2_util -laxis2_wsdl
> -laxis2_minizip -xml2 -ldl -L/opt/axis2c-bin-0.92-linux/lib
> The function in stub that I had problem with:
> axis2_stub_create_with_endpoint_ref_and_client_home (
> const axis2_env_t *env,
> axis2_endpoint_ref_t *endpoint_ref,
> const axis2_char_t *client_home)
> Aaron Li 

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