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From Paweł Pustelnik <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] WSDL for Axis2 Samples?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 06:29:55 GMT
Dnia 10-07-2006 o 18:33:36 Samisa Abeysinghe <>  

> Paweł Pustelnik wrote:
>> Dnia 10-07-2006 o 17:52:38 Samisa Abeysinghe  
>> <>  napisał:
>>> Paweł Pustelnik wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Where can I find WSDL files for services' samples (Axis2)?
>>>> (For example math.wsdl or echo.wsdl)
>>>> Pawel
>>> We do not have WSDLs for them. They were just written as XML in/out   
>>> samples.
>>> However, there are some WSDL based samples in codegen sub folder of  
>>> the  samples folder.
>> So I suppose there is no quick way to rewrite the services from Axis1  
>> to  Axis2.
>> Am I correct?
> I am afraid not. Axis2C API is *very* different from Axis C++.
> However, codegen tool is supposed to help with this in case you have  
> wsdls.
> But yes, you have to manually change the current implementations - there  
> is no easy porting tool.

Codegen could be helpful but what if I just want to test the service  
using C# clients? Axis1 used WSDL and everyting was clear for me, now I do  
see how I can translate exemplary service.xml do service.wsdl - I do not  
what to write in C# client - even if I can se the Axis2 server code...Maybe
there is a kind of guide or something?


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