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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: xsd_Base64
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 09:30:55 GMT

You say the maximum data size you can use is 36,615 -- is this just for a
particular example, or have you experimented with different sizes around
this value?

Taking a quick look through the code, I can see that we may have a problem
with large data objects, as the data length is stored as an int.
According to the ANSI C spec this is a signed 16bit integer, so having a
maximum value of 32,767, although a number of compilers use a 32bit integer
which increase this to a maximum value of 2,147,483,647.

Changing this to an unsigned long long (64bit integer) will give a maximum
of 18,446,744,073,709,551,615, sufficient for most needs.

Adrian Dick (

"Pawel Pustelnik" <> wrote on 31/05/2006

> Hello All,
> What is the maximum size of the xsd_Base64 array?
> I am asking because I found something strange.
> I want to send a binary data from the server to the client.
> I implemented the client and server using apache axis and it is
> working but not perfectly.
> I read the image file (for example some JPG file) and send it to the
> client. However when data size is more then 36615 bytes then the
> client can only read 36615 bytes.
> Is it a bug in axis? (I created very similar server in *.asmx file
> under Windows and I can send very big images without any problems).
> Regards,
> Pawel
> --
> Pawel Pustelnik
> Control Engineer
> -----------------------------------------------
>  Future Processing Sp. z o.o.
>  Tel: +48 604 084 653
>  Tel/Fax: +48 32 2726202
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