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From Fred Preston <>
Subject Re: Can I use Axis-C for http transport?
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 10:20:11 GMT
Hi Bo,
        If you just want something to handle sockets then I would just use 
HTTPChannel as this has the basic communication parts such as open, close, 
read and write.  If you want something more than that you will need to 
look at the HTTPTransport code and extract the methods that are relevant 
to your needs.  The trouble with the transport layer is that it was 
written expecting HTTP headers and SOAP messages so some of the existing 
code will probably not be a good fit!  As John says, some people have done 
this, but of course it is outside the scope of this project.  You may also 
want to look at the server code which is written slightly differently (one 
difference is that the transport reads the complete message before passing 
it ('SimpleAxisTransport::readFromClient' in server) on whereas the client 
returns only what has been received up to that point 
('HTTPTransport::getBytes' in client)).


Fred Preston.

"Bo Xie" <> 
30/05/2006 22:59
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C User List" <>


Can I use Axis-C for http transport?

Hi all,

I found there were HTTPTransport.dll and HTTPChannel.dll in
axis-c-1.6b-Win32-trace-bin\bin directory.

My question is: Can I use Axis-C for http transport? e.g., like
windows API "URLDownloadToFile"[1] or libcurl[2]? If Yes, how to do
it? Is there any sample source code?



Thank you very much!

Best Regards,
Xie, Bo

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