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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: Deployment of Axis C++ & 2.0 vs. 1.6?
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 08:17:07 GMT

See some comments below.

Adrian Dick ( wrote on 10/05/2006 07:50:16:

> Hi,
> We are thinking about using axis-c++ in one of our current projects.
> our analysis several questions about using Axis-c++ arose. It would be
> if you could help us with some of our issues or point us to further
> information:
> - What is the suggested deployment scenario when using axis c++ in a
> multi-threaded server environment. As we understand you offer the option
> using the mod interface to Apache or to use the SimpleAxisServer as a
> hull for the deployed web-services. When no web-server functionality is
> needed which option is recommended. Or in other words: According to your
> experience which option is the more stable one?

Generally, we would recommend using the mod interfaces, using Apache as the
HTTP server.  As the name suggests, SimpleAxisServer is a simple server
implementation, basically sufficient to allow testing of the Axis server
engine, so we wouldn't recommend its use in a production environment -
though its simplicity could be very useful for help you understand how to
use the Axis Server engine within your own environment, it is also
relatively simply to modify for non-HTTP transport mechanisms.

> - In future versions of our product we might need to incorporate server
> functionality that shares state between the client and the server. Is
> any support for session handling in the two deployment scenarios above?

> - On the axis-c++ website you mention that you are planning to release
> final version 1.6 in mid march. Is 1.6 still developed or are you
> concentrating all your efforts on axis 2?

The 1.6 final release has been delayed while fixing some bugs found in the
1.6 Beta, but it should be available soon.

> Thanks in advance (and thanks for providing your great tool as well!!),
> Markus
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