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From "Cheng, John" <>
Subject RE: AxisEngineException
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 15:26:36 GMT

Thanks for the help! I found the problem after enable the trace. It was
due to my searching path did not include the directory where
AxisXMLParserXerces.dll is located. My testing sample is working now.
But I found another interesting problem with the library, though. I have
a piece of code looks like this:

		xsd__string str = s.HelloWorld();
		int x = s.Add(12, 24);

My experience with other web service client code told me the two
sequential calls should work. But it's not working here. Only the first
call works. The second one will give an AxisGenException. After I switch
my calling sequence, it's the same. The second one doesn't work. Why is
there such limitation? I attached my log file this time.


John Cheng

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From: Adrian Dick [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 3:06 AM
To: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: Re: AxisEngineException


Have you tried turning on trace?  ( See and
possibly also )
This may give you some pointers to the problem, if there's nothing
you can post your tracefile here so we can look for any problems.

As for project files, see my response to another recent question here:

Adrian Dick (

"Cheng, John" <> wrote on 09/05/2006 19:10:32:

> Hi,
> I am having a problem to make a C++ app to call a .NET C# web
> service, using Axis C++. The service was implemented and tested
> separately. I generated the client side code using WSDL2Ws and
> included it with my application (on windows platform). But when
> running the application I get AxisEngineException while
> instantiating the generated class. There is no other information,
> and I could not figure it out base on the document. I also tried to
> the distributed project vc\Distribution.sln and vc\AxisDevelopment.
> sln, hope to get a debug version of axis_client.lib. But it
> complains some files can not be found, for example:
> src\common\AxisException.cpp is not in the package. Any help?
> Thanks!
> John Cheng

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