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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Axis response n namespace in array
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:04:38 GMT

I agree that the SOAP response does look wrong.  On just the element below,
ns2 is declared twice (with different values), which makes for invalid
SOAP, and looking at your response message ns2 was already declared on the
parent element.
<ns2:lineupTypeArray xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:enc="" xmlns:ns2="" enc:arrayType="ns2:lineupType[0]">

I've checked your WSDL, and there's nothing obvious that would cause

I believe there may have been some fixes relating to namespaces applied
since 1.5, so can you check if this is still a problem in the 1.6beta

Adrian Dick (

"Roel Bindels" <> wrote on 03/04/2006 21:22:31:

> Hello listers,
> I'm having some troublems with the response message. I'm using axis
> 1.5 as soap server and the Python ZSI library as a client.
> There are some differences between the approach of the both
> framework, but I was able to conquer those.
> But now I'm getting a strange response from axis, wich I doubt to be
> Can somebody please take a look at my wsdl and the response in my
> specially to the next line:
> <ns2:lineupTypeArray xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:enc=" http://www.w3.
> org/2001/06/soap-encoding" xmlns:ns2="
> Types.xsd" enc:arrayType="ns2:lineupType[0]">
> This tells me that there should be a lineupTypeArray in my wsdl
> since this is pointing to ns2. I guess thet this should be an ampty
> namspace and that the namspace of my wsdl should be ns3.
> Can somebody verify this or not........
> greetings
> Roel Bindels

> [attachment "ett.wsdl" deleted by Adrian Dick/UK/IBM] [attachment
> "getLineup.txt" deleted by Adrian Dick/UK/IBM]

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