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From Fred Preston <>
Subject Re: http/get
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:52:04 GMT
Hi Rob,
        So you have something like time...

char *  pszUrlForZippedExplainationTextFromDictionary = 
webServiceDictionary->getURLForExplainationText( "english", "word");

And you then want to use the returned URL (I assume it is an ftp site 
(e.g. ftp://myDictionary/english/word)) to retrieve the file.

        This is outside the scope of Axis but you could use code snippets 
from the Transport/Channel code to provide you with a socket to the URL. I 
assume there is a ftp protocol for downloading files and if this is the 
case you would need to know what that was before you could download the 
file.  A quick look around the web suggests that there are several 
solutions to this (try typing 'ftp protocol "How a browser retrieves a 
file"' into your favourite web search engine), but whether there is one 
solution that will work cross platforms...


Fred Preston.

Rob Redmon <>
03/03/2006 15:23
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        Subject:        http/get


First, sorry if this isn't the venue for this question.
I'm using axis libraries to invoke a webservice via a generated stub. 
This web service returns a http url to my result (a zip file).  What's
the easiest way to then in my C++ program retrieve this file? 
Retrieving it to the local directory and not not in memory would be just
fine.  I can then perform a system call to unzip....  Are there some
components in the axis library that my help?  The solution need to work
both in linux and winxp.
Thanks for any help!


Rob Redmon
325 Broadway E/GC2
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Tel: (303) 497-4331
Fax: (303) 497-6513

"Engineering is the art of making what you want from things you can get." 

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