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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: compilation problem
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 07:28:09 GMT

I'm guessing the compilation problem is on the second line in the snippet
your provide, ie:
param->compilation = *p_compilation;

Can you check the data type of the compilation element contained by the
param object?

It sounds to me as though the WSDL2Ws tooling hasn't correctly processed
the WSDL for this element, resulting in inconsistent code.
If this does appear to be the case, can you please attach your WSDL to
allow us to correctly re-create the problem.

Adrian Dick (

Olivier Destrebecq <> wrote on 24/03/2006 23:29:00:

> I downloaded axis 1.6b and am trying to build the client side of a
> web service. The source file get generated fine,  I add the various
> path to my project an then try to build.
> I get a bunch of error in the deserialization functions:
> All of them along those lines:
>    xsd__boolean* p_compilation = (pIWSDZ->getElementAsBoolean
> ("compilation",0));
>    param->compilation = *p_compilation;
> error: cannot convert 'axiscpp::xsd__boolean' to
> 'axiscpp::xsd__boolean*' in assignment
> compilation is declared as like this in the class:   xsd__boolean *
> compilation;
> So i don't really know what i should change to get it to generate the
> C++ file correctly.
> Note that I'm running on a mac, so maybe it has something to do with
> this.
> any idea appreciated
> Best,
> Olivier Destrebecq

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