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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: AXIS C++ and AIX
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 15:03:59 GMT
OK, so been doing some random digging and found that -brtl might be part 
of the problem - you could try putting that on the linker flags for the 
mod ( in file build/buildApache13Module.xml) if not then start to look at 
the -c flag as well.

Sorry - I have limited time but will continue to do some background 
digging !

"Antoine Galataud" <> 
09/03/2006 13:34
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C User List" <>

"Apache AXIS C User List" <>

Re: AXIS C++ and AIX

no, I use apache 1.3.34. Do you have a way to test "dump -Hv 
libaxiscpp_mod.a" on an AIX system for the 1.6b release ? If so, tell me 
what it gives, it could help !


2006/3/9, John Hawkins <>:

Are you using apache 2? 
I just found this comment in the ant scripts which says we don't build the 
mod for that version (only 1.3)-> 

(compile and see what they are) --> 

"Antoine Galataud" <> 
09/03/2006 13:01 

Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C User List" <>

"Apache AXIS C User List" <> 

Re: AXIS C++ and AIX

Thanks for your answer !

That's right, this logs come from apache startup process. But I verified 
with the command "dump -Hv", that normally gives the loader section of a 
library. The result is the same, it can't find the loader section. The 
other libs given in binary release (libaxis_server.a for example) are 
good, the output of the command is right. 

I also already tested simple_axis_server, it works (it launches, I didn't 
tested examples).
Axis traces and axis startup traces are also enabled, though it gives no 
output cause libaxiscpp_mod isn't loaded.

But I didn't tried a client yet, I'll do that and give you the result.

Many thanks again

2006/3/9, John Hawkins < >: 


Given this is an IBM platform I'll forgive the personal mail ;-) However, 
if we keep this on the mailing list then others can see. 

I'm surprised that you're having such difficulties - we used to build this 
on 5.1 but now only 5.2. 

Let's break this down slowly so we can analyse what works and what 

Have you got the client working on AIX? This would be a much easier thing 
to verify.  If you haven't done this then it might be a good idea to make 
sure this slightly simpler piece of code works OK before we tackle the 

> > > Cannot load /home/antgalat/apache-rs6000/libexec/
> > > into server:
> > > 0509-022 Cannot load module
> > > /home/antgalat/apache-rs6000/libexec/
> > > 0509-108 The .loader section does not exist. 

Where did you see this error? it doesn't look like it came out of the 
trace logs - it's apache right? It might be easier to run this outside of 
apache for now while we fix this problem - try using simple axis server. 

Have you put axis trace on? Have you put axis start trace on? 

Now, I remember some wierd things we had to do on the client because you 
can't mix .a and .so files on AIX they all have to be .a. Now, you don't 
have to build them any differently just create links to the same files but 
with .a all the way down the dependency chain. 

Try this out and see what you get. 


Antoine Galataud < > 
09/03/2006 10:35 

John Hawkins/UK/IBM@IBMGB 

AXIS C++ and AIX

Sorry for this personal mail, but I would like to tell you some private 
things about the problem I had with AIX 5.1 (my normal email address is on axis-c-user list). 
So, I apologize in advance if it is not the right way to obtain help. 
In fact, as you guessed with my email address, I'm from Reuters (Financial 
Software). I'm working on an important development. We are currently 
trying to deliver an open source web services framework (Axis has been 
chosen), to replace the existing CORBA communication layer. 
It is a hard technical and functional task, but you can guess so. Our 
application is designed in services, some are written in Java (axis java 
used there), some in C++. 
To validate Axis framework (we want to provide our customers both open 
source and commercial solutions), I have to test prototypes on different 
platforms: Solaris, Linux, and AIX (5.1 by the way). It's very important 
to us. 
So, I want to ask you some help on AIX 5.1 Axis port: it could be a 
miracle if you could give me some more precise indications on how to build 
Axis or on how to make binary release work (this is 
driving me crazy, please see as a 
Thanks in advance, 

To find out more about Reuters visit 

Any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, 
except where the sender specifically states them to be the views of 
Reuters Ltd. 

Antoine Galataud
Département Architecture des Systèmes d'Information
INSA - Rouen 

Antoine Galataud
Département Architecture des Systèmes d'Information 
INSA - Rouen 

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