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From Olivier Destrebecq <>
Subject compilation problem
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 23:29:00 GMT
I downloaded axis 1.6b and am trying to build the client side of a  
web service. The source file get generated fine,  I add the various  
path to my project an then try to build.

I get a bunch of error in the deserialization functions:
All of them along those lines:

	xsd__boolean* p_compilation = (pIWSDZ->getElementAsBoolean 
	param->compilation = *p_compilation;

error: cannot convert 'axiscpp::xsd__boolean' to  
'axiscpp::xsd__boolean*' in assignment

compilation is declared as like this in the class:	xsd__boolean *	 

So i don't really know what i should change to get it to generate the  
C++ file correctly.
Note that I'm running on a mac, so maybe it has something to do with  

any idea appreciated
Olivier Destrebecq

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