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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: Status of Axis C++ build system
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:02:17 GMT

The makefile/libtool based build system hasn't been maintained for some
time, so it is very likely it refers to non-existent files, while missing
out more recently added files.

There is an ANT based system, which is used by the nightly builds.  You can
find instructions on its use here:

Adrian Dick (

Josef Spillner <> wrote on 23/02/2006 15:39:10:

> Hi there,
> I tried compiling Axis C++ 1.5 on Linux, and got a couple of errors which

> remain when using the latest SVN trunk sources.
> It starts with missing files when running
> samples/server/ required directory
> does not exist
> samples/server/ required directory samples/server/simple
> not exist
> and continues up to linker errors in src/server/simple_axis_server. For
> latter one, I replaced -lserver_engine with
> ../../engine/server/ (always use the *.la files
> for linking
> with libtool!).
> Since for the former case, I don't know if the files are referenced
> wrongly in
> or have not yet been added to SVN (= are actually missing),
> like to know who currently works on, or at least with, the Linux build
> system.
> Josef
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