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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: Problem With Namespaces
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 09:14:09 GMT

Are you in a position to try the latest Axis C++ 1.6 nightly build?  As
there have been a number of namespace related fixes since 1.5.

Adrian Dick (

"Percey, Michael (MED US)" <> wrote on 02/02/2006

> I have a VB 6.0 Client UI that must communicate with a Websphere
> Soap Server.  I'm building a CPP DLL using Axis C++ 1.5 to translate
> the VB request into a SOAP Request, forward that request to
> Websphere, receive the corresponding response, translate and return
> that response to the VB Client.
> Note that we've already integrated Axis Java 1.3 into our Java Swing
> client and it is succesfully processing Requests/Responses with the
> same Websphere Soap Server.
> I have the DLL up and running, and it is serializing the VB Request
> and forwarding that request on to the server.  It turns out that the
> Websphere Soap Server cannot deserialize the Axis C++ Soap message
> because of the NameSpace definition that appears within each
> arguement element.
> I've verified this problem and solution using TCPMon.  An example
>       <SOAP-ENV:Body>
>          <ns1:processFlatRequest xmlns:ns1="
>             <arg_0_1>
>                <ns2:action
> ">getMasterFileList</ns2:action>
>                <ns3:object
> ">MasterFile</ns3:object>
>                <ns4:parms
> ">NULL</ns4:parms>
>                <ns5:requestXML xmlns:ns5="
>                <ns6:minorVersion xmlns:ns6="
>             </arg_0_1>
>             <arg_1_1 xsi:nil="true"></arg_1_1>
>          </ns1:processFlatRequest>
>       </SOAP-ENV:Body>
> The namespace on the request is not a problem.  Then namespace on
> the arguement elements cause the following error to occur:
> Cannot deserialize element action of bean
> ctk.dto.WSRequestFlatDTO. Message being parsed:
> So, to the question.  Are there any options to turn off the usage of
> the Namespaces.  If not, can anybody give me an idea where I need to
> look in the source to modify this myself.
>     Thanks  -  MikeP

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