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From Iwan Tomlow <>
Subject SSL Client
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 15:30:36 GMT
Hi, I've been happily using Axis C++ 1.5 for client development, but now
urgently (and unwarned) need to be able to access the webserver over https.
I know it should be possible to link OpenSSL with Axis, but seem to be
unable to find the right documentation (the info at is absolutely cryptic
to me - where is vc\transport\Axis2\Axis2SSLChannel?)

Does anyone know how to get a client working over https?
What I get now = HTTPTransportException:Client attempted to use secure
transport (https) without an SSL layer

Strange thing is that the client works automatically when testing internally
- does Axis somehow 'downgrade' to normal htpp if https can't be used? Or
does this have to do something with me already having build OpenSSL on my
development machine?

Thanks in advance for any pointers,
Iwan Tomlow

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