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From Tao Yang <>
Subject Re: Re: SIGABRT on Axis C++ client
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 14:47:54 GMT

But I am only using the client lib - my code is talking to a Axis JAVA 
server deployed in tomcat.
Or do you mean even one uses only the client, he has to provide the 
server dploy description? If so, what it should contain? I tried add 
one, still same crash though.

BTW, I also changed the XMLParser to use the one in axiscpp's lib 
directory, no hlep neither. :-(

But still thanks for reply.

>   your configuration file axiscpp.conf file is not right plese check your 
>axiscpp.conf file.
>this file must have the following entry..
> LogPath:/home/Axis/log/server.log
> WSDDFilePath:/home/Axis/etc/server.wsdd
> Transport_http:/home/Axis/lib/
> XMLParser:/home/Axis/lib/
> Channel_HTTP:/home/Axis/lib/ 
>Arashad Ahamad 

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