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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: empty array of complex type crashes the client
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 10:32:57 GMT

I've just tested your WSDL using the latest 1.6 nighty build with the SOAP
message you provided.

It worked correctly for 0, 1, 2 and 12 elements within the Array.

However, a couple of observations:
- your provided WSDL seems to be missing the portType (I presume
accidentally deleted when simplify the WSDL file), so I added back in a
very simple portType declaration to use your provided messages, etc.
- The SOAP response message looks more like an rcp/encoded style message -
due to the inclusion of xsi:type="..." - yet your WSDL states doc/literal,
however this doesn't cause too much problem as the deserializer for
doc/literal will simply ignore these attributes.

As for your question of complex types support.  Axis C++ supports most
WSDL/XSD features for complex types, and we have numerous testcases to
detect regressions in any of those features.  Of course, there is always
scope for improving testcases and adding in support for the remaining
features - if you believe you've identified such an item please do let us


Adrian Dick (

Guilhem Tardy <> wrote on 28/01/2006 02:36:06:

> Hi,
> I have attached the WSDL file, as per your request.
> More experimentation showed that it is not just empty arrays. The problem
> more about complex types. (The Register message, also in WSDL file
> uses simple types and works fine.)
> The returned message is:
> <AdvertiseResponseType xmlns="test.wsdl"><Events><EventElement><Type
> xsi:type="xsd:string">empty type</Type><Details
> value</Details></EventElement></Events></AdvertiseResponseType>
> Now, according to some documents, I need ComplexTypes in order to ensure
> compliance of my WSDL description.
> Again, could you comment on the support for complex types in Axis C++?
> Thanks,
> Guilhem.
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