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From Guilhem Tardy <>
Subject memory alloc/free across DLL boudaries
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 16:21:01 GMT

I am copying part of my previous email into this new thread, because it seems a
problem shared by many (according to the mailing list archive) and IMHO quite

Deleting objects across DLL causes exception, in particular from the "simple"
(Calculator) sample:

xsd__int Calculator::div(xsd__int Value0, xsd__int Value1)
		xsd__int r = *Ret;
//		delete Ret;
		return r;

Another service (ref) completely fails due apparently to the same problem, and
I am incapable to find an easy way to solve it.

Granted that eventually my goal is to get all the client SOAP functionality
into one static library, which may solve the above issue if there were any easy
way to do that.

Unfortunately, unlike Xerces (built DLL and static in matter of minutes), Axis
CPP shows no such easy way of making static libraries.

As a matter of fact, in several days of debugging the standard "DLL" build
system, I have come across several calls to openLib that mean usage of DLL is
hardcoded into Axis CPP.

I would love to hear anyone prove me wrong. Please?


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