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From Primož Führer <>
Subject Re: clients c++
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 14:58:18 GMT
Actually the first gives me at invoke:

First-chance exception in docPrijava.exe (KERNEL32.DLL): 0xE06D7363: Microsoft C++ Exception.


  I know i asked this before, but since i got no answer i'll try again:

  i use visual studio 6.0 c++ with client stubs and web services(java) on tomcat(tomcat is
on another computer, but in the same network).
  Everythin works OK (i get response from from web service).

  but if i move all folders needed for running(axis_1_5,xerces_2_2_0,changed paths,changed
project paths) client to another computer(same network,privilegies,Os), client wont work,
it creates envelope
  but returns null exception(in tcpmon content-length to short)- now i don't know(since i
read that this tool calculates length wrong)
  is this just a tcpmon error or client error.i suspected client error, since it worked ok
on first computer.

  i know this is very "how should i know that!!!" :-) question, but WHAT could be the cause
for running client application on one 
  comp OK on other not Ok (except that i might not set somethig the same as on first computer).
are som dll's problem or what?
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